UD Softball Volunteers with Miracle League

UD Softball Volunteers with Miracle League

IRVING, Texas - For three Saturdays in October, members of the University of Dallas softball team volunteered with the Miracle League. This is the second program from Dallas Athletics to volunteer with the Miracle League this fall. Baseball also spent a weekend in September. 

Below are some reflections from a couple players on the experience they had working with their buddies.

"Volunteering at the miracle league was such an amazing experience. Seeing all the smiles the kids had while they scored or caught a ball, really made me happy and appreciate what I had more." - Yared Cortez

"My experience of working with the kids was nothing short of heartwarming. Growing up, my favorite thing to do was to play softball, so seeing the kids enjoy it just as much as I did when I was their age brings me so much happiness. As well as showing me how fortunate I am for the opportunities I have been blessed with. Being able to help these kids is extra special to me because my very best friend from back home has down syndrome, so being able to help these kids makes me feel like I am back home with him." - Kerstyn Mclain

"Miracle League was an incredible experience for the entire softball team. The kids were all really happy to have us there and it was sweet to see each kid choose the buddy they wanted. There were kids with all different kinds of disabilities and it was so fun to run around the bases with them and help them play baseball. It was a humbling experience to see these kids who have so much against them, still getting out there and playing baseball. It makes our experience as college softball players that much more special because we get to play this sport without all of the difficulties that they have to overcome to play." - Emily Martin